Los Angeles 2018

Already our 5th stay in Los Angeles, the city of angels. We still haven't seen everything and always find something interesting. Like the most beautiful beaches in Malibu.

Laguna Beach

It's about a 2-hour drive to Laguna Beach in Orange County.

After we got there very late on the first day of our trip, we had to spend a few hours on the beach on the way back to Los Angeles.

Finding a dream beach is really not difficult on the route from San Diego via Dana Point, because there is one dream beach after the next.

Because of the nearby and almost empty parking lot, we decided on the “Alison Beach Park”. A real stroke of luck, because this is probably the most beautiful beach in southern Laguna Beach.

As they say in the US, “No words needed” with these photos, right?

The City of Angels was waiting for the 5th time in 2018 and we were still able to find new and interesting things.

Paramount Studios & Tour

After we were in the studios of Warner Brothers, Sony and a year earlier in Universal Studios, we were still missing the only studio that is still in Hollywood itself.

Paramount Pictures Studio Lot is located in south Hollywood, right on Melrose Avenue and offers an interesting tour with small footpaths. 

The tour itself lasts about 2 hours and, in addition to the drive to the famous gate, also includes interesting stops.

You can of course find more in the corresponding article!

(TCL) Grauman's Chinese Theater

Since we have already visited Hollywood Boulevard a lot, we made more determined progress this year. We only took time for a VIP tour in the TCL Chinese Theater.

The premiere cinema, built by Sid Grauman in 1927 in the pagoda style, not only looks breathtaking from the outside, but also shines splendidly on the inside.

The interior combines classic Chinese architecture with the latest theater technology and this can be seen in the large IMAX cinema.

The cinema seats that are typical for the USA, which can also be easily laid back, are really comfortable.

After the little film about the theater, we really would have loved to sit there 🙂

You can find more about Hollywood, for example, in this article.

The famous Mulholland Drive

The 2nd full day in LA started with a drive on one of the notorious streets of the city.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of Interstate and Highway, the 34 mile long Mulholland Drive meanders from Mount Lee in the west to the Hollywood Hills in the east. A very nice drive with some highlights at viewpoints on the route.

Even if there are still some adrenaline junkies on the “piste”, the Mulholland Drive is slowed down by its winding route.

Street art in Los Angeles

After Mulholland Drive brought us back to US101, we headed south to Downtown LA. The Art's District has a lot of artistic "delicacies" ready.

The Angel Wings by Colette Miller, the Richmond, VA visual artist, is arguably one of the most famous street art works of today.

The associated “Global Angel Wings Project” has been running around the world since 2012 and is intended to remind us of the humanity that makes us humans “angels on earth”.


Minutes from Sony Pictures' Studio Lot is the Culver City Art's District.

Similar to downtown LA, there are a wide variety of murals by local and international artists. One of the most famous is also one of the most popular, because here a picture says more ...

Of course there are many other street art objects in LA, especially on Sunset Boulevard. But we wanted to look at these two specifically. The latter in particular was an absolute must!

OUE Skyspace & Slide (US Bank Tower)

After the short detour, we went to one of the largest buildings in Downtown LA, the US Bank Tower, which was completed in 1989 and is around 310 meters high.

After purchasing the building from OUE Limited, the OUE Skyspace, the highest observation deck in Los Angeles, opened on the 72nd floor.

Worth every penny, even if the slide is short, it is definitely a great experience, and of course the view is breathtaking! 🙂

Insider tip

The OUE Skyspace is an indoor and outdoor viewing platform.

Our tip:
Best to visit in the afternoon so you can watch the sunset over LA and see the city light up.

If you are looking for the real fun factor, you can book a slide for $ 9.00

The money is well invested, because you've never seen the city go by like this!

Santa Monica Pier & Beach

End the day eventful and yet calm? You can't do that in LA? - INDEED!

The famous Santa Monica Pier in northwest LA is an experience and relaxation at the same time. While life is raging on the pier, it is almost too quiet on the beach, just perfect to end the day.

Find out more about Santa Monica here.

Insider tip

Parking at the Santa Monica Pier is quite expensive depending on where you are. The price ranges from $ 10.00 per day to $ 15.00 for 1 hour.

If you only want to park for a short time for a maximum of 2 hours, you can easily find a parking space on the “Lot 1 Short-Time Parking” parking machine for short-term parkers. Price max. $ 2.00! The entrance to the parking lot is from Seaside Terrace. Way to the pier and beach about 50 meters     

Sony Pictures Studios 2nd attempt

Yet again? Yes, and the reason was the Outlander series 🙂

The Sony Pictures Studio Tour is different every day and almost every hour. It is always adapted to the current conditions of everyday studio life.

Unfortunately I have to say that personally I didn't like the tour that much.

Of course you always see something new, but walking 2.5 hours through the entire Lot and barely being able to take photos was not the best option. The new museum at least made up for it in part at the beginning of the tour.

In addition to the museum and a short film screening, we went out on the plumb bob in the “pig gallop” past open studio gates whose photography was strictly forbidden (yes, closed gates were also a problem).

Then we went to a large warehouse in which a large hall with screens opened after what felt like 100 steps.

Further stations were the film set of the “Goldbergs” as well as a number of film vehicles before the “grand” finale in the obligatory gift shop.

Malibu - 21 Miles of Scenic Beauty

Leo Carillo State Beach
When you are in LA you have to spend at least one day at the beach, which is exactly what we needed after the long walk in the Sony studios.

Malibu stretches a few miles north of LA and the tagline “21 Miles of Scenic Beauty” goes with 100%.

The first stop was at Leo Carillo State Beach at the top of Malibu. After we parked our car we went down to the beach where we took some great photos, but see for yourself.

Insider tip

You can park either for a fee in the parking spaces provided or completely free of charge directly on the street.

Even if you are not very good on your feet, it is not much further than on the paid courses!

The LifeGuard tower and the rocks on the beach are great places for photos. Free toilets and showers are located on the edge near the paid parking lot.

El Matador Beach

At sunset we chose a very special beach in Malibu. After a short snack near Zuma Beach, known from the TV series “Baywatch”, it was a highlight.

El Matador Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches on the US West Coast in my opinion. The rock formations are especially beautiful in the mood at sunset!

Another reason why so many model photos of famous fashion brands are made here. In my opinion, I don't have to write a lot of text here, because the photos speak for themselves.

Insider tip

The same applies to parking here, either on the roadside nearby or in the paid parking lot.

However, you still have to walk a little to the beach. You should be able to walk well because you have to go down a few steps. The way there is definitely worth it!

A note for families with children:
Nude recordings are also made here late at night.