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    Christmas in the USA - 3 cities for the best time

    Do you want to spend Christmas in the USA? Then here comes the appropriate contribution. We'll show you the best Christmas spots.

    Have a nice Christmas in the USA

    The Christmas season is exciting and contemplative at the same time. Especially if you want to experience them in the USA. Everyone of you probably knows one or the other Christmas movie that is set in New York, right?

    If you dream of Christmas in America all the time, it is time to make that dream come true.

    Christmas City - New York City

    When you think of Christmas in the US, you automatically think of New York City. This is where most of the Christmas films begin or play. The city has not only been a guarantee for Christmas lovers since “Kevin” was up to mischief here.

    Let's start at the point where this movie ended, the forecourt of the Rockefeller Center with its huge Christmas tree, which is brought here from different states every year.

    Tip: The best time to travel to New York for Christmas is after Thanksgiving and before (!) The Christmas holidays.

    The famous large Christmas tree balls, the fairy lights and the famous light show on the facade of Sacks are very close by.

    The whole city shines with lights and there is something to discover everywhere. Even though some Christmas shops are open all year round, there are many more pop-up stores to be found during the Christmas season.

    If you want to visit the Christmas floor in the famous Macy's, you should definitely stop by before Christmas. If you want to make a bargain, you can do so shortly afterwards 😉.

    If you love ice skating, you will find plenty of opportunities in New York. In addition to the Icerink at Rockefeller Center, there are 2 that we can definitely recommend, as they are not that expensive. 

    For one, you'll find an ice rink in Central Park, near the Plaza Hotel, and in Bryant Park, near the Public Library.

    Before we come to the grand finale, we go through the city and look at the Christmas trees that are scattered around.

    In addition to the most famous one in front of Rockefeller Center, there is another really beautiful one in front of the New York Stock Exchange on Wall Street. More can be found in the city's squares and in the city's large and small parks. 

    A very special experience in New York are the Christmas markets, which consist more of handicrafts than food and drink. That's how we love it and that's how it should be everywhere.

    If you haven't had enough of Christmas in the USA yet and want to get into the full boom of Christmas spirit, take a car, a bus tour or the subway to Dyker Heights.

    There's really nothing in this part of the city that isn't there. There are storey-tall Santa Clauses, toys, colorful figures and millions and millions of flashing and glowing lights.

    Christmas in your swimming trunks? - The magic of Christmas in Los Angeles

    Okay, Los Angeles or California doesn't mean that big Christmas feeling, at least that's what one or the other told us. As is so often the case, it is better to test it yourself to form your own opinion.

    No sooner said than done 🎅.

    When we visited LA in November 2016, it was really Christmassy here and you could not only see that on the crowded highways 🙈.

    An absolute insider tip for a Christmas feeling in Los Angeles is "The Grove". The shopping center is an absolute feast for the eyes. 

    In addition to Santa's house, there is also a large Christmas tree with countless ornaments and a flying Santa Claus in his sleigh.

    Another place to enjoy the Christmas season is Long Beach. The pier and the surrounding houses are really well decorated, and despite 33 ° Celsius (!) Something like Christmas spirit arises.

    If you want to see the tallest, real Christmas tree in the world, you have to go to the Citadel Outlets in Commerce, because there is a really tall tree here that is also illuminated in the evening after the center has closed.


    This December, let's see what else there is to see. Our list for this year:

    • Candy Cane Lane (Woodland Hills)
    • Yolanda Hights Holiday Christmas Light
    • Upper Hastings Ranch, Pasadena
    • Christmas Tree Lane (Altadena)
    • Rodeo Drive (Beverly Hills)
    • Ventura Harbor Village (Ventura)
    • Christmas at Harbor (Dana Point)

    As you can see, it remains exciting with us 🤩.

    Merry Christmas to all - Elvis

    The last place we will visit with you now is Graceland in Memphis, Tennessee. Elvis lived, lived and loved here until his death.

    Anyone who knows the story will know who Elvis Aaron Presley was a big Christmas fan and you can see that at first glance, even at the gates of his property.

    The entire complex is decorated for Christmas. In the garden there is a life-size crib, the paths are lined with lights and the banner “Merry Christmas to all - Elvis” can be read from afar.

    Inside the house it will be a whole lot more Christmassy. The stairs to the first floor, his private rooms, are lined with red poinsettias. There is a different Christmas tree in every room.

    A visit during this time is definitely worth a lot, and not just for Elvis fans.

    Even more Christmas

    Christmas in the USA is a dream, but there is also a lot to experience in Europe. So we were already in London, Brussels, Luxembourg and of course in different places in Germany.

    You can find more of them in ours Europe blog.

    You can also find our contributions from last year about the 3 stations here. Take a look what we have put together for you there!

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